Creating Caring Cultures — One Company at a Time

We help business leaders create a culture where God’s love is experienced through their business. We inspire and empower business leaders to transform their workplaces with God’s love, guided by our core values of love, faith, excellence, and growth.

Inspired by Love

Our mission, our mindset, and our practices are motivated by the love of God. As followers of Christ, we believe that one of the most powerful ways we can show our love for God is the way we love our neighbors – especially our co-workers, and employees.

Rooted in Faith

We are an organization that shows others how to create workplace cultures that honor God, but we understand that none of us can truly accomplish what He’s called us to do on our own. We need God’s help and guidance, and we’re at our best when we trust Him to accomplish His will through us.

Committed to Excellence

When we claim the name of Christ, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Good enough is not enough. From our initial conversations with company leaders to our ongoing partnerships with longtime clients, we encourage leaders to honor God by conducting their business with excellence.

Focused on Growth

We are a global organization with a strong presence in the United States and Latin America. And while we treasure the relationships we’ve formed so far, we know we’re called to take the good news of the Gospel to the nations. By helping Christian leaders around the world honor God through their businesses, we will do our part to share God’s love until the whole world knows.

About His Way At Work

His Way At Work is a faith-based nonprofit that provides consulting and coaching services for Christian CEOs and business leaders around the world who want to impact their organizations with the love of Christ. To transform the collective culture, change needs to start at a personal level. We believe that the Gospel has the power to make that change.

150 companies transformed across the globe
150,000 Employees Experiencing God’s Love

Success Through Partnership

See what people are saying about how His Way At Work has helped organizations create a caring culture for their employees.


It has helped us bring our passion for ministry to a much broader audience at the company, to get our leadership team and our team members directly involved in making it happen.


His Way At Work Member


We had an employee who tragically lost her daughter in a car accident in February. She was only 21 years old. We had just kicked off our Caring Team and they immediately jumped into action. We had so many efforts to raise money to help pay for expenses, be with the family at the funeral, to bring food and just love on her in a way that certainly I could not have done even with my best efforts alone because we had this whole team of people in all these different departments that were trying to accomplish a common goal. That’s just one example of a recent event.


His Way At Work Member


It has made a big change in how we care for our employees. The employees have embraced the Caring Team and now they even take the initiative to care for one another without always involving the Caring Team.

Caring Team Facilitator

His Way At Work Member

Ready To Create A Caring Workplace?

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