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If you want to integrate your faith with your work but you’re not sure how to do it, our online assessment is the first step forward.

Do any of these pain points sound familiar?

If you’re wrestling with these ideas or others like them, you’re not alone. Many business owners we work with have similar concerns.

Common Question


How do I bring my faith into this business?

Common Question

Lack of Direction

How can I lead if I don’t know where to start?

Common Question

Financial Concerns

Will focusing on this cost us profit?

Common Question


How can we add this to everything else we’re doing?

Common Question

Legal Concerns

How do we keep from being sued?

Common Question


How do I measure our progress and impact?

Find answers to commonly asked questions and let us show you how we can help.

David Martin

CEO of Tribe513

CEO Stories

People are the mission.

We hired His Way At Work to take our company’s faith-based foundation to the next level. They were able to help us operationalize a lot of ideas and dreams we had for our medical practices – adding structure and discipline to the way we wanted to live out God’s call for our Company.

Success Through Partnership

We are encouraged by the success we’ve seen and inspired by the stories of change.


It has made a big change in how we care for our employees. The employees have embraced the Caring Team and now they even take the initiative to care for one another without always involving the Caring Team.

Caring Team Facilitator

His Way At Work Member


We had an employee who tragically lost her daughter in a car accident in February. She was only 21 years old. We had just kicked off our Caring Team and they immediately jumped into action. We had so many efforts to raise money to help pay for expenses, be with the family at the funeral, to bring food and just love on her in a way that certainly I could not have done even with my best efforts alone because we had this whole team of people in all these different departments that were trying to accomplish a common goal. That’s just one example of a recent event.”


His Way At Work Member


It has helped us bring our passion for ministry to a much broader audience at the company, to get our leadership team and our team members directly involved in making it happen.


His Way At Work Member

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