A Proven Plan Changes Everything.

If you’re searching for an action plan that will enable you and your team to operate your business in a way that honors God, you’ve come to the right place. His Way At Work will help you implement a system that clarifies your vision, engages your employees, establishes a designated care team, and measures your impact.

The His Way At Work Introductory Assessment

Start by taking our quick Introductory Assessment. We’re confident it can help identify what your company is doing well and critical areas where it can improve. It’s free and valuable.

What We Do

Clarify Vision

What We Do

Align Leadership

What We Do

Develop A Strategy

What We Do

Launch Caring Team

What We Do

Measure Impact


How can our assessment benefit your company?

By taking our quick Introductory Assessment, you can identify gaps and hotspots of opportunity within your organization. After you complete this assessment, we will provide you with a summary report that includes your company’s cultural scorecard.

With your challenges and opportunities clearly outlined, a His Way At Work representative will then follow up with you to review the information and discuss conducting our more in-depth Organizational Assessment that will help you create a roadmap of next steps and best practices that is tailored to the unique needs of your company and employees.

Ready To Create A Caring Workplace?

If you want to create a more caring workplace where everyone feels valued and supported, we want to help.