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Chris Patton

Global CEO

Chris Patton is the Global CEO of His Way at Work, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming company culture and implementing Christian principles in the workplace. Formerly, he was President/CEO and third generation owner/partner of his family’s automobile business in LaGrange, GA. He is also the author of a blog – ChristianFaithAtWork.com.  By including the resources accumulated over his years of learning to use the business as a vehicle for ministry, as well as real-life examples from his experiences, Chris teaches readers of his blog how to run their business from an eternal perspective.

This experience has led to multiple speaking engagements at various events and conferences in the Southeast as well as online with various churches in India. He has also been published in other blogs and newsletters as well as TwoTen, a national Christian business magazine.

Chris and his wife Kim have three children in college and live in Spartanburg, SC.

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