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Transforming Your Company’s Culture


An introductory guide to help you transform your company’s culture to create EternalROI™


We are pleased to add Transforming Your Company’s Culture to our current offering. This book serves as a transformation guide to complement our coaching and membership services and help facilitate our mission by offering you a more direct path to developing Eternal value within your company.  This is a step by step introductory guide to help you transform the culture of your company to use your ROI to create EternalROI™. The purpose of this guide is to offer an accessible, affordable way to introduce you and your company to the His Way at Work model in a format that allows you to develop and implement your Company Caring Strategy using your internal resources. To fully utilize this guide, we invite you to spend time in the chapter prayers, take the assessments, work through each step with discernment and use our resources available through the web link on the last page of the book.


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