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Eternal ROI Episode 59: What You Don’t Know About the Caring Team with Jody Armstrong

What's Covered in This Episode

A common misconception about establishing a caring culture and launching a caring system in the workplace is that company leaders and/or CEOs need to do all the caring themselves. 

Really, the best way to make this happen is to empower your team to do the caring. We call this group of trusted employees a “Caring Team.” They follow the leader’s vision to plan, direct, and execute a caring culture transformation and implement the HWAW Caring System.

The Caring Team might be doing the legwork for the culture change, but things don’t stop there. There are ways other employees and leaders can enhance caring—this team is just one component. It doesn’t work without the other critical pieces. A Vision for Caring, Core Values, Behaviors, and so many more all create a seamless cycle of sustained caring. 

For the past seven years, Jody Armstrong, the Master Coach for His Way at Work, has assisted in implementing caring systems into organizations all over the country. Jody brings his expertise to the newest episode of Eternal ROI and shares how to make your company’s Caring Culture as impactful as possible.

Listen to the full episode below to find out everything the caring team does.

Eternal ROI Episode 59: What You Don’t Know About the Caring Team with Jody Armstrong

Watch Episode 59 here:

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We can't just have a caring team that stands alone by itself. It has to be fed.

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More about Jody Armstrong

Jody Armstrong is the Operations and Coach Support Manager for His Way At Work. He and his wife, Mary, have two grown sons. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with Bachelor of Science degrees in Marketing and Transportation/Logistics.

He spent the next 30 years in a successful food service supply chain management career during which he worked for several multinational brands. Because the world-class supply chains which Jody helped lead are process-driven, the His Way At Work step-by-step process resonates with him. Jody leads Men@Prayer at his church and has been evangelizing through Emmaus retreats since 2004. He is pursuing an M.A. in Theology from St. Leo University and resides with his wife of 31 years in Spartanburg, SC He can be reached at jodya@hwaw.com.

Listen to Episode 59 here.

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