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Eternal ROI Episode 55: The Human Impact of a Caring Culture with Ryan Houchen

What's Covered in This Episode

Ryan Houchen leads the Sales team at Southwest Exteriors. He also manages the Caring Team and his company’s caring efforts.

Here’s the thing about Ryan: he was chosen for this role. We don’t mean that somebody with a higher title appointed him to man this charge—we mean that God has picked him out of a lineup and said, “this is the person that needs this the most.” Since leading the Caring charge at Southwest Exteriors, Ryan has seen meaningful change. The company’s culture has improved greatly. Their employees now receive much better care. But, Ryan has changed too. He came to the company broken and desperate for a transformation within himself. With the help of a Caring program, he got just what he needed and asked for.

Listen to Ryan’s remarkably touching story to discover just how important a Caring Culture is to the people within your organization.

Eternal ROI Episode 55: The Human Impact of a Caring Culture with Ryan Houchen

Watch Episode 54 here:

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Rather than assuming how our people are feeling and what their anxieties are, we're really able to get to the root of their struggles. Then, we can gameplan and take action to alleviate their anxieties and decrease any tension.

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More About Ryan

Ryan Houchen is the Sales Leader at Southwest Exteriors and has been with the company for 14 years. He finds purpose and passion in leading his team to grow professionally as well as spiritually, which in turn drives the culture of the company we work for! He’s married to an amazing wife, Lindsay, and has two daughters Ava (18) and Ella (16). One of the greatest gifts in his life is leading our ministry called “Proof Project” for the last 10 years, through which they serve homeowners in need in San Antonio and surrounding areas. He finds purpose and calling and truly sees God show up every weekend when he’s outperforming the work He was called to do.

Listen to Episode 55 here.

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