Project Description


A 50+ year old global business. Polydeck Screen Corporation is a family owned, family-operated business. Since our incorporation in America in 1978 by founders Manfred Freissle, Helmut Rosenbusch, and Dieter Egler, we have quickly become recognized as pioneers, inventors, innovators, and providers of the world’s most dependable screen media.

Peter Freissle and PolyDeck are both the genesis and the guinea pig for the HIS WAY AT WORK process.

It has been the passion of Peter, coupled with a godly leadership team, along with the encouragement, support and hard work of Scott Gajewsky, that have resulted in the His Way at Work, Transforming Your Business process.There can be no better testimony to the effect of transforming your culture than to hear what the members of that culture (translate: employees) have to say.

Below are first-hand accounts from Polydeck employees on what a caring culture can do for you, for your employees, and for the world around you.


Polydeck’s Vision

“To serve our customers and stakeholders with excellence to achieve profitable growth which enables us to care for people in a way that honors God.”

Polydeck’s Caring Team Video

Why They’re Doing It

“We are a company grounded in the Christian values of honesty, integrity, respect, kindness and a sense of social responsibility. Our goal is to create eternal value by striving to honor God in all we do. This is reflected in how we conduct our business and how we care for our employees – our greatest asset.”

How Does Polydeck Do It

Polydeck wanted to show its love to its employees by creating a team that is tasked specifically to do just that – the Polydeck Caring Committee.

The Polydeck Caring Committee promotes an environment where:

  • Core values and social responsibilities are lived out and experienced in daily operations.
  • People are encouraged and given opportunities to improve their workplace, physical health, mental and spiritual growth.
  • People trust and support each other in a caring family manner.
  • People are developed to explore and apply their potential to realize their dreams.
  • People are involved beyond their daily work duties and actively participate in shaping the corporate culture and supporting our communities.
  • All this is done in a non-discriminatory and non-threatening way.

Project Details

  • LeaderPeter Freissle | CEO
  • Founded1959
  • Employees300
  • Location(s)Spartanburg, SC, USA and San Bernardo, Santiago, Chile.
  • Caring ManagerScott Gajewsky
  • HWAW Partner Since2008
  • HWAW Certified CoachScott Gajewsky