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In 1980, while a college student, Martin Tighe recognized the need for a call center for national advertisers requiring toll-free numbers answered 24-hours a day. He developed a business plan, incorporated Donnelly Communications, and began offering services to leading national brands. Thirty-four years later, Donnelly continues to be a pioneer in the outsourced contact center industry.

Often HIS WAY AT WORK has the blessing to work with a company that is already “on the Way.”

That is certainly the case with Donnelly Communications, headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Donnelly has a beautifully crafted Core Beliefs and values statement that includes faith, integrity, excellence, leadership, teamwork, and stewardship. Additionally, it is clear that the leadership as Donnelly has been living out these core values for many years.

Martin Tighe, founder and CEO of Donnelly Communications, has shared that he personally was impacted by The Business Card, the working tool for His Way at Work, and that the book enlightened him to the additional steps that he and his company needed to take to continue to transform their culture. They are well on the way. Martin has also related his recent experience with an acquisition. In several meetings with “new employees”, Martin and his team described the Donnelly Communications culture, including chaplaincy and the upcoming changes. Every group shared back that they were excited to be associated with a company that CARES, and a company that lives out that caring in their day-to-day operations. His Way at Work is excited to continue to work with Donnelly Communications, and blessed to be a part of their next steps in shining the Light of the World.

What is Donnelly’s Purpose?

“To honor God and live our values, thereby earning the trust of leading companies, gaining the privilege to serve their customers, and enriching the lives of our employees.”

What are Donnelly’s Beliefs and Core Values?

“Through faith we consider our tenure at Donnelly to be a blessing and an important part of God’s plan for each of us. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve customers and represent our clients.

Our commitment to be completely honest and transparent shall never waiver.  Integrity earns the trust of our esteemed clients and our respected teammates, and is essential to our very existence as a business.

We honor God when we give our best effort to serve our valued customers. We are continually learning, improving, and applying our talents in pursuit of excellence.

We exhibit leadership by delivering creative solutions and exceptional customer service. As individuals we are empowered to innovate and lead by example.

We respect ourselves and others when we acknowledge the dignity and worth of each individual.  We earn respect by honorably treating coworkers, partners, clients, and customers.

We foster teamwork by building healthy relationships and promoting accountability. When we pool our individual, complementary abilities, we accomplish extraordinary things.

We recognize that our business is a gift from God.  Our call to stewardship compels us to put God’s love into action as we conduct business, care for stakeholders, participate in the community, and apportion profits.”

How does Donnelly show its love for their employees?



Project Details

  • LeaderMartin Tighe | Founder and CEO
  • Founded1980
  • Employees450+
  • Location(s)Atlanta, Georgia and Santiago, Dominican Republic.
  • Caring ManagerPamela Carter
  • HWAW Partner Since2012
  • HWAW Certified CoachScott Gajewsky