Project Description


We are the taste, color and smell of your life. The development of projects for: Household, cosmetics & personal care companies that focuses on diferent market cathegories, including market analysis and trend tendencies. Over 75 years in the design, development and manufacturing of flavors, colors and fragrances as raw materials. Aceites y Esencias was founded in 1940 manufacturing concentrates and flavors and distributing raw materials for the carbonated beverages industry. Essencefleur de Mexico was born in 1977 to develop and manufacture fragrances. In 2005 both companies merge from an administrative stand point giving birth to GRUPO ACEITES – ESSENCEFLEUR. A larger and state of the art manufacturing facility was then built People are the most valuable part of GRUPO ACEITES – ESSENCEFLEUR. 120 talented and committed Mexican employees have contributed to the success throughout its history. It now has the FSSC22000 Certification.


To live with our values.

Core Values:

  • Respect
  • Love
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Faith

Mr. Francisco Palafox is the general manager for the family business started by his father in 1940. Jorge Albert, their HWAW Coach, explained how the founder has always instilled a sense of caring so when Mr. Francisco Palafox learned about His Way At Work at a HWAW Summit in Cancun back in early 2013, it was a natural fit, more so when Jorge Albert, whom he has known for years became the first HWAW Coach in Mexico. Nevertheless, explains Jorge, Mr. Palafox was very thorough in the discernment process before finally deciding to bring His Way At Work into Essencefleur to enhance an already existing Caring Culture. Not only was it a discernment from a spiritual but from a business perspective as well and that made it so much stronger the case once we begun to work together. “Essencefleur has had for years before His Way At Work, Caring Activities like a Nativity Contest, with a Biblical theme and a devotional every day at noon time, so it has been a blessing to work with them” says Jorge and continues to depict it as an already existing flame that received fuel and got bigger. It appears as though, because of that, much of the Caring was on the shoulders of the upper management and when His Way At Work helped them to implement (as part of the process) the Caring Team, it not only released some weight from the upper management that “went from Paternalistic to Paternal” but also enhanced the sense of belonging in their employees, the sense of ownership, where what they do or not do impacts the company and thus impacts their own lives. “The soil was fertile already”, goes on to explain Jorge, “employees here were already somehow spiritual, I’m not saying that they went to religious services everyday (or not) but you can see it in how convinced they are that this is the way to improve and how His Way At Work has had, is having and will continue to have a positive impact in them personally and as a company… they have more than a strong conviction, they have Faith…”. At some point in time Jorge Albert asked some of the Caring Team Members to define the program in one word and they came back with words like: Compromise, Love, Team Work, Satisfaction….Jorge gives a lot of credit to the leadership of the company and the Caring Team Members for they have been thorough in going through all the steps. Some of the new Caring Activities they have are:

  • providing food for the poor and sick,
  • health fairs for employees to have eye checkups and access to eyeglasses and
  • other relief type of support (emergencies, funerals, etc.).

The Caring Team has a T-Shirt they wear with pride. One of the most recent Caring Activities is the incorporation of the Corporate Chaplain which has been a tremendous complement to the overall program.

To His Way At Work, Essencefleur has done a fantastic job in creating the opportunity to grow the network of Companies for Christ.


“We consider all of the HWAW companies as brothers and sisters in Christ. All of us with the thirst for Christ, a thirst that He has actually instilled in our hearts like a blessing. We have been working with His Way At Work since April 2015 and our Caring Team is very excited to be able to find the Love of God through others. They have dreams and projects but most importantly actions. All that is comforting and this project is all blessings.” – Francisco Palafox / CEO / April 2016

Project Details

  • LeaderFrancisco Palafox | CEO
  • Founded1940
  • Employees120 (as of 2016)
  • Location(s)Mexico City, MX | Toluca, MX
  • Caring ManagerGraciela Kamikihara
  • HWAW Partner Since2015
  • HWAW Certified CoachJorge Albert