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Polydeck: Innovating Company Culture

God's call requires care. Competition requires innovation. By simply choosing to honor God in all they do, Polydeck has set itself apart. The results of their caring efforts are astounding. A sharp rise in employee engagement and satisfaction. Consistent growth. A top-tier product. And 380+ employees showered with God’s love daily, all thanks to one leader’s desire to completely change how his family’s company operated. Now, they’re continuing to improve how they care daily, keeping God’s call top-of-mind.

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Polydeck is a family-owned manufacturing company built on Christian values. They have been providing screening media to a global industry for over 40 years. They have achieved sustained success through continuous product innovation and an unwavering focus on serving, caring for, and working alongside their customers. They have expanded to over 380 employees worldwide while serving customers in over 40 countries.

The Problem

As a third-generation company, Polydeck had a greater need than ever to innovate their company. Their product market was now more competitive—what could they do next to differentiate themselves while continuing to honor God?

How we shaped the culture.

Prior to Ron Kuehl’s tenure at Polydeck, the company had already undergone a transformation. In fact, this company is actually the foundation of His Way At Work’s proven process!

Ron pushed the company to innovate its caring culture even further. He and Linda Coltrane manage dozens of programs that pour love into the lives of their employees and their families.

They take the time to meet with employees who are in tough positions—not to reprimand but to understand. Then, they take steps to fix their jobs, care for them in a time of crisis, or help them develop personally and professionally. The result? A culture that continues to set records for low turnover and high employee engagement.

Success Through Partnership

We are encouraged by the success we’ve seen and inspired by the stories of change.


His Way At Work assists us in networking with other like-minded caring organizations. They have continued to provide new ways to do what we have done for so long. They continue to provide resources for us to continue to re-examine if we are meeting the needs of our employees in the area of care.

Linda Coltrane

Director of Caring and HR Operations


Thanks to His Way At Work, we have a better, ever-evolving definition of what caring means to our employees. We have more clarity and focus on the culture at Polydeck, and we know how to leverage and make it stronger.

Ron Kuehl


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