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Lineage's Cultural Transformation

Lineage is a corporate communications company based in Charlotte, NC with multiple locations all across the country. Their CEO, Richard Williams, decided to add another element to Lineage’s service—God’s love. In 2016, Williams felt the aching in his heart to live out God’s mission everyday—not just on Sundays. Over the past several years, Richard has led with his faith, changing the lives of his employees and creating the foundation of a company culture that will do everything it can to protect itself while sharing His word.

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Lineage is proud of their old school values. They want to keep it simple—focusing on customers and employees. That’s it. Following God’s commandment to treat your neighbor as yourself, Lineage provides top-notch care to both of these groups. Despite the remarkable strides he made in his company, Richard still had a nagging feeling in his heart.

The Problem

Richard felt the calling to take his faith even further. He lived his faith daily in every interaction, but he knew God was calling him to take it to the next level. Richard started on a path that eventually led to His Way At Work’s program for systematized caring when he joined C12—a group for business leaders wanting to implement faith into the workplace. He heard about a way to take his faith and weave it into his company’s operations, and the rest is history.

Their Caring System is now an incredibly powerful tool for every business operation. Since its implementation, it has done exactly what Richard prayed for. But even he was surprised when Jimmy Barnes, Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition, brought up an idea that blew Richard away.

Jimmy proposed something he called the Second Chance program. And it amplified Lineage’s impact on the world.

How we shaped the culture.

Our process laid the groundwork for The Second Chance Program to take shape. It’s spearheaded by the Caring Team and offers an invaluable opportunity to those who are too often overlooked for employment because of their background.

It’s exactly what God asks of each of us.

Prayerfully considered and executed, the Second Chance Program quickly changed the makeup of employees at Lineage. What used to be a predominantly traditional workforce now had much more diversity. Richard and Jimmy overlooked individual history in favor of integrity and character in the hiring process. They found people that work hard in their roles and protect the Caring Culture that Richard had spent years developing. Lineage’s Caring Team has been a critical asset, creating and managing several programs that meet the needs of their employees.


Success Through Partnership

We are encouraged by the success we’ve seen and inspired by the stories of change.


We're all forgiven by Jesus, so why wouldn't I forgive somebody and give them a second chance.

Richard Williams



I've sat with some of the baddest guys in North Carolina who've told me that the job I gave them saved their life.

Jimmy Barnes

Director of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting

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