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Columbia Forest Products: Growing in Faith

Columbia Forest Products is a definitive leader in the hardwood and plywood industry. From a purely business perspective, they were crushing it. But that wasn’t enough for their CEO, Brad Thompson.

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Columbia Forest Products is by all means a top-of-the-line company. They’re an extremely impressive bunch, doing everything right on paper. They regularly gauge their working climate and make adjustments when needed. They create fantastic products, providing excellent service along the way. They’re also employee-owned, giving their people a share of the success.

Sounds great, right?

The Problem

The challenge for then-CEO Brad Thompson wasn’t that the company’s success was faltering. This was very clearly a strong unit.

Brad did have an issue with faith. More specifically, he didn’t feel it in his workplace. He had thousands of employees who probably weren’t seeing the light of Christ on a daily basis. And Brad knew that he could do something about that.

How we shaped the culture.

His Way At Work’s proven process helped Brad bring his employees closer to Christ. The results are outstanding. In the years following our implementation, Columbia Forest Products’ employee care scores increased dramatically. They also noticed a significant decrease in turnover rate, which has saved them a lot in hiring costs. Their stock price grew 75%. They helped 350 employees to give their lives to the Lord, doubling the amount of commitments every year of our work together. They saw donations to their company’s foundation increase from $50,000 per year to more than $1,000,000 per year.

Their employees were buying in and even giving back to their company. How often do you see that happen today?

Success Through Partnership

We are encouraged by the success we’ve seen and inspired by the stories of change.


Sixty-to-seventy percent of the people coming to work at Columbia Forest Products weren’t churched. So, if they weren’t going to hear the Gospel or see the love of Christ in the workplace, they’d possibly never see it. And I had an opportunity to change that.

Brad Thompson

Former CEO

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