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Systematizing God's Call to Care

The C.H. Hanson Company has a rich history in the city of Naperville, Illinois, as a tool manufacturer. But, President Phil Hanson wanted his company to be known for more than that. He wanted their caring efforts to leave a lasting impact in the office and community. He knew God’s love could help him reach his goal, but he wasn’t sure how.

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C.H. Hanson is a pillar of the Naperville community—founded only 30 years after the city—and is no stranger to faith. The C.H. Hanson Company has had Christian roots for the past 150+ years. Strong leaders set the standard even before Phil’s tenure began, but he wanted to leave his own, unique impression on the company. Just like Hanson’s—and Naperville’s—rich history, Phil wanted to focus on enriching the lives of his community members by spreading God’s love.

The Problem

Phil Hanson wanted to elevate the culture of C.H. Hanson with care and a community-driven mindset. Only one issue: he didn’t know how to execute on what the Lord placed in his heart. Phil started by joining a community of Christian leaders called C12. Through this group, he slowly began to develop his desired leadership skills and build a dream team of empathetic, driven, and compassionate people. 

Phil hired Beth Mackin 9 years ago as a part-time Purchasing Assistant without knowing the sway and impact she would have on creating the culture Hanson is known for today. The company now had a strong foundation in place, but Phil was still searching for direction to guide his efforts. 

And that’s where we come in.

How we shaped the culture.

Phil’s passion for the Lord is evident. Community involvement weighed heavily on his heart, and that’s where he felt he had plenty of room to grow. Through a strategic survey, C.H. Hanson began to better understand the needs of their own employees and those of the Naperville community. After Phil identified the key members that would comprise his Caring Team, they got right to work planning events, drives, and outings for employees and community members. 

Beth helped spearhead a Healthy Lifestyle Program for the community that lasted 11 weeks and ended with a 5k run/walk. Another partnership with Soldiers Angels and the Treats for Troops program proved to be a consistent success, with record numbers year after year for the company. And these only begin to scratch the surface of C.H. Hanson’s immeasurable impact on its neighborhood! 

Equipping their employees with the right tools to make an impact led to the success they see today. But they haven’t slowed down a bit—they’re still working on new ideas to make everyone around them better and closer to the Lord.



Success Through Partnership

We are encouraged by the success we’ve seen and inspired by the stories of change.


If you want to care about people on a personal level, you have to get down there with them and get to know them.

Phil Hanson



We've had some growing pains for sure, but we've also had some really amazing success stories.

Beth Mackin

Director of HR and EDI

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