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William Renfrow

Board Member

Founder, Owner and CEO.  21 Years with Renfrow Brothers, Inc. Located in Spartanburg SC. Graduate of Clemson University with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Technology.

As CEO of Renfrow, William is responsible for management of the executive leadership of the company, and also has an active role in the management of its two sister companies. Equipment Sales and Surplus, and OpSource. Under his guidance and direction the company has grown from 3 employees in 1993 when it was founded to over 300, and it continues to grow and prosper. Originally working mainly in the upstate of South Carolina, the company has recently worked in eleven states and is pursuing international opportunities.

Additionally, Mr. Renfrow is the Father of five children. He is on the Board of Directors of His Way At Work, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Carpenters for Christ. Mr. Renfrow is also a Deacon in his Church, and a former Board member for Oakbrook Preparatory School.

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