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Roberto Sanchez-Mejorada

Board Member

Roberto is a brilliant communicator and has excelled at doing so in the different organizations he has been part of or founded.

As Qualfon’s Chief Mission Officer, his responsibility is to provide leadership and structure by monitoring the goals of Qualfon’s mission-driven company. He develops strategies and projects with a values-oriented work environment that is focused on support and development of opportunities to improve the workplace, the physical health, mental and spiritual growth of the Qualfon family. Roberto oversees the 4 Mission Office’s verticals: internal communications, education and formation of values (Qualfon University), caring initiatives for our employees, and opportunities to give and support our communities.

Before Qualfon, Roberto held the position of Director of Communications and Institutional Development for Anáhuac University in Mexico City for almost 20 years. Roberto has co-founded a couple companies and also worked for Condumex. He sits on several Boards and lives in Atlanta with is wife Marinés and their 6 children.

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