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Martin D. Tighe

Board Member

Martin Tighe founded Donnelly Communications in 1981 while still in college and has led the company as CEO and now Chairman for the past 33 years. An early pioneer in the outsourced contact center industry, he spearheaded the design of proprietary software applications that are easily customized to fit each client’s objectives.

Martin’s focus is on establishing long-term partnerships and enabling clients to attract, convert and retain customers. The results are increased brand loyalty and revenue. He fosters a culture of integrity and passion for excellence which radiates throughout the company.

Along with Donnelly Communications’ CEO Dennis McMaster and Management Team, Martin implemented His Way At Work into the company in 2012 and became a Board Member of His Way At Work in 2014. Led by Martin’s industry leadership and experience, Donnelly Communications offers some of the most effective contact center solutions in the industry.

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