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Alfonso Gonzalez Arocha

Board Member

Chairman of the Board for Qualfon Corporation.

Qualfon is an international BPO offering customer service (Call Center) and administrative Back Office services with facilities in the Philippines, China, Guyana, US and México.

Qualfon’s mission is to help the largest possible number of people to reach their full potential as individuals and members of society by continuously providing job opportunities while at the same time strives to be its clients’ preferred provider.

Qualfon promotes living 7 fundamental values that are summarized under STRIDES, which stand for Service, Team Work, Results, Integrity, Dignity, Encouragement and Spirituality. This last one is lived out being respectful of all of its employees’ beliefs and taking care of them all without discriminating. Qualfon manifests its identity as a Company that has been consecrated to the love of God through the Sacred Heart image, under Virgin of Guadalupe’s intersession and Saint Michael Archangel’s protection.

Along with Maricarmen his wife, they have 6 children with whom they enjoy a family life.

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